Syed Barey Academy

Syed Barey Academy, has target oriented system to generate results we adopt the students for 2 years and promise to give them results.A right push in the right direction is very essential for successful ending.So chooose SYED BAREY P.U. COLLEGE that is your proper match,which gives Competitive environment indiviual attention & 100% results.Till we meet u in our college.


Which Course U Want To Join For Ur Bright Future


1)100% Guranteed Results
2)Excellent Faculties from Hyderabad/Gulbarga
3)Starting with very basics and strengthing them at fundamentals.
4)Compitivate and competent atmosphere.
5)Timely Completion of syllabus and perfect revision.
6)Special focus on physics Numericals.
7)Separate Weekend examination for KCET/NEET/JEE.
8)Updating the aprents through sms regarding student attendance and performance.
9)24*7 libarary facility.
10)Online coaching of ALLEN Classes kota.Separate hostel facility for boys & girl.
11)Periodical parent,Teacher,Students Meeting.


1)100%Guaranteed Results
2)Substantial Medical and Engineering.Entrance Coaching by Eminent Medical Guru`s of india
3)Maintaining Competitive and Competent Atmosphere
4)Golden Shortcut PCM
5)Excellent Printed Course Material
6)peridical Parnt Teacher Student Meeting
. 7)Target for Practicing 5000MCQ`S in Physics,Chemistry Btnay Zoology & Maths
8)Daily Study Hours Followed by counselling & doubt Clarificarition Session
. 9)Continius Excessive,Test&Follow-up
10)24*7 Library Facility
11)Career Guidance Programme/yoga/Meditation

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